Back and Neck Pain related to both occupational and non occupational in nature

Modern techniques for assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and back-to-sport are employed  to  treat sports injuries, sports training-related problems and different painful conditions

He developed Obesity & body weight management programme i.e. Childhood obesity, Reaction obesity and Medical obesity. Management largely depends upon exercise prescription, diet modification and scientific planning which are covered under special programme-TOM (Task force for Obesity Management)

Many medical conditions are due to problems in ergonomics and workplace. Computer professionals, industrial workers, different occupational setups need serious understanding of ergonomics to prevent hidden losses to the organization and long term health effects to individuals

There is a lot of confusion over nutrition such as sports nutrition, occupational nutrition, immuno nutrition and clinical nutrition. Dr. Bakhtiar Choudhary has done lot of original nutritional studies in India and has been a visiting professor to many nutritional courses

Sports Injuries and Training

Pain Management

Obesity Management

Ergonomics and Work Place Management

Nutrition and Health

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